Curriculum Night

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Last night we had the pleasure to attend the annual school bbq and curriculum night at our children’s school. This was our second year attending, yes only our second year! How embarrassing is that considering our children are now in grade 6 and in grade 3? The truth is, that we did not “fit” in our previous school community and so we missed many school events.

You may be asking yourself why? See, our oldest son has always struggled with his behaviour; he was diagnosed with ADHD but in our previous school community he was labelled as the “bad” kid (even though they were aware of his diagnosis). He was often kept inside when he did not “behave”, he was often segregated from his peers…… he was so misunderstood. His principal twice even suggested that my son reminded him of “his nephew Joey”. He twice said to me “when he takes his Ritalin he is ok and when he does not take it, he is not ok”, imagine that? Anyhow, I will write more about this another day but rest assure we have found a much better school for him.

What is curriculum night? Curriculum night  for me, is first and foremost your first opportunity to meet your child’s teacher (if you have not done that yet) and to learn more about him/her. It is your chance to see your child’s classroom, his/her desk and some of the work they may have already done. It is also a chance to learn more about the curriculum, what will they be learning? How will the curriculum be taught? Which books will be used and more…. It is also your chance to meet the other staff in the school and finally, it is your chance to connect with other parents and meet your child’s school mates. I encourage you all to attend your school’s curriculum night!

Wishing all the kids a FUN-TASTC school year!

Social Media Lingo

Amazing how these days we can have entire conversations with emojis, GIFs and abbreviations. What area emojis? An emoji is a small digital image or icon used by many these days (including myself) to describe an idea, an emotion, an activity etc…. Hollywood has even made a movie about emojis and kids ask for emoji birthday parties!

GIFs instead, are image files that can be animated or just a single static image. Again they are used to describe an idea, an emotion, an event etc….

Social Media Lingos are multiple words expressed by the first initial of each word so for example: TTYL is: talk to you later. Below are some on the more commonly used mommy lingo when on Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social media platforms. Many of these short lingos are also used when texting or in emails among friends.

BF: breastfed/breastfeeding
FF: formula feeding
DS/DD/DH: dear son/daughter/husband
SO: significant other
SAHM: stay at home mom
FTM: first time mom
WM: working mom
TTC: trying to conceive
BW: babywearing
CIO: cry it out
YO: year old
LO: little one
SMH: shake my head
WWYD: what would you do?
ISO: in search of
PM: private message
NBL: not baby related
MIL: mother in law
FIL: father in law
BIL: brother in law
SIL: sister in law
TTYL: talk to you later

Back To School Checklist

Back to School checklist by Maria Grimaldi

Back To School


Well we are 1 week away from back to school here in Ontario and Maria has kindly put together a checklist you may want to refer to… It may help you feel less overwhelmed:

Mom’s back to school checklist:

Go through last year’s supplies/clothes and check to see what is needed √

Look through flyers, many back to school sales  √

Hit the on-line sales √

Tackle school clothes shopping first √

Then tackle the school supplies list (you will feel less overwhelmed) √

Prepare a healthy snacks/lunch ideas list √

Make sure after school care is taken care of √

Enroll in after school activities √

And lastly, make an appointment with the optometrist. √

*Did you know that in Ontario eye exams are covered by OHIP for all children until they reach their 21st Birthday so 20 years and younger.

Please feel free to comment.

Mommy Thoughts by Maria Grimaldi

Maria Grimaldi is a wife, mother and grandmother from Grismby, Ontario. She has a passion for writing. I encourage everyone to visit her website at:

“For those of us who have incorporated a more back to “natural foods” menu for our families, either whole or in part, the local farmer’s markets are a treasure trove of goodness.

For those of us who grow our own gardens, the scents and tastes of rosemary, basil, or your favorite herbs, freshly picked and added to your meals are so rewarding.

Those scents of baking zucchini breads with chocolate chips or walnuts (since some of us have them in abundance this year) or the that light red, sweet, tomato sauce made from your freshly picked tomatoes, relaxes the senses.

Another smart step taken towards good health, accomplished, for our families”.



Back to School

What happened to summer?

Back To School

Hard to believe that the first month of Summer vacation for this year is over already…. Less than a month and it’s back to school. Despite the rainy weather, I must admit, I have enjoyed having the boys at home with me. In just over a month we will be at it again…. Back to school and that means: back to the morning rush, lunch packing, homework help, after school activities and, perhaps one can say back to more structure. Many of you are sending off their kids to school for the first time and for some this may be difficult…. I know it was hard for me to send my boys to school for the first time and reality is that it’s still hard for me. 

I have put together some back to school tips that you may find helpful, feel free to comment and give me your back to school tips.

Back to school tips:

  • Start the back to school routine early so about a week prior (or earlier if you feel it’s necessary) begin by putting your child to bed at the normal “school night time”. In the morning, start up again with building that back to school morning routine so waking up at a designated time, have them lay put their clothes the night before (and let them pick as it builds independence skills. If they wear a uniform, they can still lay out their clothes and have them ready to go for the next once school starts).

Summer: the tans will fade but the memories will last forever”

  • For first timers, practice opening and closing their backpacks and their food containers
  • Practice feeding themselves and set a timer for it as remember they are only given a certain amount of time to eat/drink
  • Practice going to the bathroom
  • Practice washing their hands (lost of germs get shared between kids at school especially among the younger ones)
  • Practice using a tissue (seems silly, but trust me during cold/flu season they will need those skills otherwise their shirt sleeves become their own personal tissue)
  • Pratice tyding up
  • Practice sharing toys and school supplies but also also go over what NOT to share: hats, treats, food…..
  • Practice writing their names with the younger ones and assign some back to school sheets to the older ones
  • Practice the school run and if they are taking the bus, contact the bus company and ask for a tour of a bus, they may say no but it’s worth a try
  • Look through the school’s website with your child and start building that excitement
  • Set up playdates, so try to find children that will be attending the same school/class as your own children and get together…. Children need to practice their social skills
  • And finally, try to enjoy the last days of summer with your children….. do fun things as crazy times are just around the corner. 😊

Garage Sales Tips


Garage Sales

“If you haven’t used it or worn it in the last six months, you’re not going to so get rid of it” Peter Walsh host of TLC’s Clean Sweep.

The weekend garage sale is a fun North American tradition and perhaps more commonly known as a yard sale South of the Canadian border. It’s a great way to get rid of your unused or unwanted items and turn them from trash into cash! It’s a great way to use that cash and save it for that upcoming family vacation or that item in your favourite store that you have been eyeing for awhile!  It’s also a great way to meet some of your local community members and make new friends. For myself and my family, I have adopted the 1 year rule and I find that works best for me. Garage sales can be a FUN event if organized properly, here are some of my quick tips:

  1. Have a neighbourhood sale – A block or street sale is a real attention grabber especially when bargain hunters hear that there are several families involved therefore, more bargains for them to choose from.
  2. Advertise your garage sale – Don’t spend money on advertising but definitely get the word out. Use social media…. yes, it’s a powerful tool and it can be free. Kijiji, Craigslist, Facebook are some of the social media outlets you may want to consider. If using Facebook you may want to consider creating an event that you can share on your personal page, share on your local community page or group and have others share it! If your local school has a Facebook Page ask if you can advertise your sale, does your local Councilor have a page you can advertise on? Your Church? Library? These are just a few social media ideas you may want to use. You can promote your upcoming sale the old-fashioned way…. via signs! Signs don’t have to be elaborate or expensive, you can get them at your local dollar store and don’t forget about flyers which you can do and print from home.                                     *Remember to include a start and finish time, address, a rain date and few items that will encourage the crowds to come.
  3. Price and organize items ahead of time –  Take your time and chose reasonable prices, remember you want to get rid of your unused/unwanted items. Not sure how to price an item? Do a quick search on Kijiji, Varage Sale (virtual garage sale) or your local Facebook Buy and Sell Group after all you don’t want to give your stuff away and you don’t want to over price something and have it not sell. When pricing an item you may want to give yourself a little wiggle room but please be reasonable. Each item MUST have a price unless you have a bunch of items all the same price and in the same spot, then a sign is perfectly fine.
  4. Upsell with snacks and drinks – Add a snack/bake and drink stand. Are you a baker? This is an excellent way to generate more revenue and show off your baking skills. People love home-baked goods. When it comes to drinks, you don’t have to have a huge selection…. you may choose to have only water and have your little ones help you with this task. They may want to have a lemonade stand and save up for a toy or a fun day at the amusement park. Both are great ways to make them feel part of the entire event,  for them to have a FUN-TASTIC time and, for you to perhaps generate more revenue.                                                                                                Untitled design (7)
  5. Saturday or Sunday? – I think Saturdays are better as on Sundays people tend to be busy with family events. However, you may want to pick Sunday as your rain day or wait another week.
  6.   Hold a raffle and make sure you advertise it! – It can be a new item (that you have not use and will not use) , or an item you sell in your everyday business. Do you sell Avon? Arbonne? Steeped Tea? Younique? This is a great way to attract people to your sale (people like to win prizes) and a great way to promote your side business, who knows… you may find a client or two!
  7. Merchandise, merchandise! – What do I mean? Try to think like a store merchandiser…. You want items to be set up and follow an easy flow. Shoes with shoes, tools with tools, toys with toys and so on…. Use rolling racks for clothes, maybe place items in the same colour palette together, maybe business wear with business wear….  You don’t want sections to feel all cluttered as people will walk away so think like a PRO!!!
  8. And finally have FUN!!! – Don’t forget if an item does not sell,  don’t worry about; you can always have another garage sale, or sell on Kijiji, or on Varage Sale or on your local Facebook Buy and Sell Group. If all those fail then you can always donate.  I hope you find my tips useful, please feel free to add your tips in the comments section. Happy Selling and Happy Bargain hunting!


cropped-stoney-creek-moms-connect-1.pngWhat is Moms Connect Canada? Moms Connect Canada is website and Facebook closed Group created for all Canadian Moms. It’s a safe place where you can share your mommy concerns, your ups, your downs and anything else you want share without being judged. Being a Mom is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have and having that extra support is a blessing.

I currently run Stoney Creek Moms Connect, Burlington and Oakville Moms Connect and Etobicoke Moms Connect. There is also a “sister group” on Facebook for all Grimsby/Niagara Moms called Grimsby Moms Connect, run by Michelle F.

I offer advertising opportunities within the SCMC, BOMC and EMC Groups, please message me for advertising opportunities. All the money received goes back to the groups through fun giveaways, events and charity donations. We gave away 3 G/C this month to 3 lucky moms, 2 moms won a $10 G/C for Starbucks each and one mom won a $40 PC G/C, how awesome is that?

I have also started a monthly newsletter, calendar and organize monthly events. What is on this month:

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I have some exciting ideas planned for our 2500 members so stay tuned!!!! Have a question? Please feel free to contact me at: