Government announces ALL phones in Canada must be sold unlocked

Woohoo….  The Canadian government recently announced that beginning December 1st, 2017 ALL cell phones sold in Canada must be sold unlocked and if your current phone is locked to a carrier they must unlock your phone FREE of charge, how awesome is that? This is according to a recent report by MobileSyrus.

The Canadian consumer has filed numerous complaints to the CRTC over the years and it looks like this time they listened… It’s extremely frustrating when you sign up with a telecom company and then you find out their service is not what you expected so you want to make the move but you can’t as your phone is locked to that company for the duration of your contract unless of course you pay the “unlocking fee”. Unlocking fees are typically are $50 and according to a recent article by CBC Canadian telecom companies last year racked in a whopping $37.7 million dollars from unlocking fees alone, crazy right?

Further, the commission announced that only account holders can consent to data overage and additional roaming for family plans and this is effective immediately.

So if you are thinking about switching carriers and are locked in, wait a little longer…  and save yourself the unlocking fee!