Happy Monday

Happy Monday (2)

Well just like that it’s a new week….. For me a new week means a new beginning and new opportunities.

Monday is for many people, their least favourite day of the week and trust me I use to feel the same because, after all it’s back to the hustle and bustle of a new work and a new school week! About 6 months ago, after having an awful week,  I thought…. “It’s a new week, it’s a time to start fresh, time to close last week’s chapter and begin a new one” and now I look at every Monday as a blessing!

Week-ends are your time to recharge, Mondays are your time to focus on the new week ahead, a new beginning. Think of each week as a new chapter in “your” book. Mondays bring new opportunities for you to connect with the world, for you to connect with your “tribe”, for you to connect with new moms, for you to form bonds, for you to be positive, for you to forgive, for you to forget about last week as it was a “hell week” and so on…. A new week is a new beginning, it’s time to get into a positive mode and say “I can and I will”.

Wishing you all a great week and remember “New week, new beginning and new opportunities” ❤

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