Social Media Lingo

Amazing how these days we can have entire conversations with emojis, GIFs and abbreviations. What area emojis? An emoji is a small digital image or icon used by many these days (including myself) to describe an idea, an emotion, an activity etc…. Hollywood has even made a movie about emojis and kids ask for emoji birthday parties!

GIFs instead, are image files that can be animated or just a single static image. Again they are used to describe an idea, an emotion, an event etc….

Social Media Lingos are multiple words expressed by the first initial of each word so for example: TTYL is: talk to you later. Below are some on the more commonly used mommy lingo when on Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social media platforms. Many of these short lingos are also used when texting or in emails among friends.

BF: breastfed/breastfeeding
FF: formula feeding
DS/DD/DH: dear son/daughter/husband
SO: significant other
SAHM: stay at home mom
FTM: first time mom
WM: working mom
TTC: trying to conceive
BW: babywearing
CIO: cry it out
YO: year old
LO: little one
SMH: shake my head
WWYD: what would you do?
ISO: in search of
PM: private message
NBL: not baby related
MIL: mother in law
FIL: father in law
BIL: brother in law
SIL: sister in law
TTYL: talk to you later

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