Curriculum Night

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Last night we had the pleasure to attend the annual school bbq and curriculum night at our children’s school. This was our second year attending, yes only our second year! How embarrassing is that considering our children are now in grade 6 and in grade 3? The truth is, that we did not “fit” in our previous school community and so we missed many school events.

You may be asking yourself why? See, our oldest son has always struggled with his behaviour; he was diagnosed with ADHD but in our previous school community he was labelled as the “bad” kid (even though they were aware of his diagnosis). He was often kept inside when he did not “behave”, he was often segregated from his peers…… he was so misunderstood. His principal twice even suggested that my son reminded him of “his nephew Joey”. He twice said to me “when he takes his Ritalin he is ok and when he does not take it, he is not ok”, imagine that? Anyhow, I will write more about this another day but rest assure we have found a much better school for him.

What is curriculum night? Curriculum night  for me, is first and foremost your first opportunity to meet your child’s teacher (if you have not done that yet) and to learn more about him/her. It is your chance to see your child’s classroom, his/her desk and some of the work they may have already done. It is also a chance to learn more about the curriculum, what will they be learning? How will the curriculum be taught? Which books will be used and more…. It is also your chance to meet the other staff in the school and finally, it is your chance to connect with other parents and meet your child’s school mates. I encourage you all to attend your school’s curriculum night!

Wishing all the kids a FUN-TASTC school year!

Moms Connect Canada Kids Event

Moms Connect Kids Pizza and Paint Party

When: Friday October 13, 2017
Where: Cheyne Presbyterian Church Gym-7 King Street West, Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1G8
Time: 6:00 PM  to 9:00 PM
 Cost: $30 (includes pizza, drinks and all they need to paint their own canvas)
For more info, please contact me at

Happy Monday

Happy Monday (2)

Well just like that it’s a new week….. For me a new week means a new beginning and new opportunities.

Monday is for many people, their least favourite day of the week and trust me I use to feel the same because, after all it’s back to the hustle and bustle of a new work and a new school week! About 6 months ago, after having an awful week,  I thought…. “It’s a new week, it’s a time to start fresh, time to close last week’s chapter and begin a new one” and now I look at every Monday as a blessing!

Week-ends are your time to recharge, Mondays are your time to focus on the new week ahead, a new beginning. Think of each week as a new chapter in “your” book. Mondays bring new opportunities for you to connect with the world, for you to connect with your “tribe”, for you to connect with new moms, for you to form bonds, for you to be positive, for you to forgive, for you to forget about last week as it was a “hell week” and so on…. A new week is a new beginning, it’s time to get into a positive mode and say “I can and I will”.

Wishing you all a great week and remember “New week, new beginning and new opportunities” ❤

Seasonal Changes


And just like that we say goodbye to Summer and welcome a new season….. A season of hope, a season of changes and a season of new memories.

The air is crispy fresh, the sweaters come out and Mother Nature gifts us with an amazing transformation of colours…. yellows, oranges and reds! We go back to our pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pies, pumpkin muffins and more pumpkin treats! We bring out our sweaters and boots….. we change, we transform ourselves just like Mother Nature does.

New memories will be made…. Thanksgiving family gatherings, pumpkin patch playdates, running through the beautiful fallen leaves and more….. Soon we will be preparing for the busiest time of the year, the Holiday Season and then just like that we will say good bye to another season and welcome a new one.

A new season brings hope for all, brings inspiration to all, brings new memories to all. Life is beautiful….. continue to make memories, continue to hope, continue to inspire and continue to be YOU ❤


New Giveaway

It’s that time again…… New giveaway time for our Stoney Creek Group! Krista Verticchio from My Little Party is giving away something special. If you are on Facebook, please follow her at:

Krista supports #AutismOntario by giving a portion of her sales to this great cause so please be sure to like her page and follow her story.

Our giveaway- 9 in stock latex balloons plus any 1 standard shaped foil balloon. Must be available to pick up.