Solar Eclipse Tips

Well it’s almost time….. On Monday August 21st, the sun, the moon and earth will line up giving us the #solareclipse2017. Sadly, in Canada we will not experience a total solar eclipse however, if you live in the Vancouver area, you are luckiest Canadians as you will get to see 90 per cent of the sun go dark, while Canadians living in Quebec City, St. John’s and Halifax will only get to see 60 per cent or less. Here in the Toronto area, we are looking at about a 70 to 75 per cent solar eclipse. Did you know that the best views for this solar eclipse will be South of the Canadian border?

What is a solar eclipse? A solar eclipse occurs when when the Moon moves in between the Sun and the Earth in the right spot blocking the view of the Sun from Earth.

How can you enjoy this amazing phenomena with your children? The most important thing you can do is purchase appropriate viewing glasses as looking directly at the sun can cause damage to your eyes. Please be aware of imitation viewing glasses and please do NOT use sunglasses as they are not designed for solar eclipse viewing!

There will also be many #solareclipse2017 viewing parties throughout Canada you can join with fun activities you can do with your children and where you can purchase appropriate viewing gear. This is such an amazing opportunity to ignite and inspire your kids’ passion for astronomy and the big world we live in. As long as it’s not a cloudy day where you are, get ready for the astronomical event of this summer season and enjoy it! solar-eclipse-times-canada-1



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