Back To School Checklist

Back to School checklist by Maria Grimaldi

Back To School


Well we are 1 week away from back to school here in Ontario and Maria has kindly put together a checklist you may want to refer to… It may help you feel less overwhelmed:

Mom’s back to school checklist:

Go through last year’s supplies/clothes and check to see what is needed √

Look through flyers, many back to school sales  √

Hit the on-line sales √

Tackle school clothes shopping first √

Then tackle the school supplies list (you will feel less overwhelmed) √

Prepare a healthy snacks/lunch ideas list √

Make sure after school care is taken care of √

Enroll in after school activities √

And lastly, make an appointment with the optometrist. √

*Did you know that in Ontario eye exams are covered by OHIP for all children until they reach their 21st Birthday so 20 years and younger.

Please feel free to comment.

Solar Eclipse Tips

Well it’s almost time….. On Monday August 21st, the sun, the moon and earth will line up giving us the #solareclipse2017. Sadly, in Canada we will not experience a total solar eclipse however, if you live in the Vancouver area, you are luckiest Canadians as you will get to see 90 per cent of the sun go dark, while Canadians living in Quebec City, St. John’s and Halifax will only get to see 60 per cent or less. Here in the Toronto area, we are looking at about a 70 to 75 per cent solar eclipse. Did you know that the best views for this solar eclipse will be South of the Canadian border?

What is a solar eclipse? A solar eclipse occurs when when the Moon moves in between the Sun and the Earth in the right spot blocking the view of the Sun from Earth.

How can you enjoy this amazing phenomena with your children? The most important thing you can do is purchase appropriate viewing glasses as looking directly at the sun can cause damage to your eyes. Please be aware of imitation viewing glasses and please do NOT use sunglasses as they are not designed for solar eclipse viewing!

There will also be many #solareclipse2017 viewing parties throughout Canada you can join with fun activities you can do with your children and where you can purchase appropriate viewing gear. This is such an amazing opportunity to ignite and inspire your kids’ passion for astronomy and the big world we live in. As long as it’s not a cloudy day where you are, get ready for the astronomical event of this summer season and enjoy it! solar-eclipse-times-canada-1



Mommy Thoughts by Maria Grimaldi

Maria Grimaldi is a wife, mother and grandmother from Grismby, Ontario. She has a passion for writing. I encourage everyone to visit her website at:

“For those of us who have incorporated a more back to “natural foods” menu for our families, either whole or in part, the local farmer’s markets are a treasure trove of goodness.

For those of us who grow our own gardens, the scents and tastes of rosemary, basil, or your favorite herbs, freshly picked and added to your meals are so rewarding.

Those scents of baking zucchini breads with chocolate chips or walnuts (since some of us have them in abundance this year) or the that light red, sweet, tomato sauce made from your freshly picked tomatoes, relaxes the senses.

Another smart step taken towards good health, accomplished, for our families”.



Back to School

What happened to summer?

Back To School

Hard to believe that the first month of Summer vacation for this year is over already…. Less than a month and it’s back to school. Despite the rainy weather, I must admit, I have enjoyed having the boys at home with me. In just over a month we will be at it again…. Back to school and that means: back to the morning rush, lunch packing, homework help, after school activities and, perhaps one can say back to more structure. Many of you are sending off their kids to school for the first time and for some this may be difficult…. I know it was hard for me to send my boys to school for the first time and reality is that it’s still hard for me. 

I have put together some back to school tips that you may find helpful, feel free to comment and give me your back to school tips.

Back to school tips:

  • Start the back to school routine early so about a week prior (or earlier if you feel it’s necessary) begin by putting your child to bed at the normal “school night time”. In the morning, start up again with building that back to school morning routine so waking up at a designated time, have them lay put their clothes the night before (and let them pick as it builds independence skills. If they wear a uniform, they can still lay out their clothes and have them ready to go for the next once school starts).

Summer: the tans will fade but the memories will last forever”

  • For first timers, practice opening and closing their backpacks and their food containers
  • Practice feeding themselves and set a timer for it as remember they are only given a certain amount of time to eat/drink
  • Practice going to the bathroom
  • Practice washing their hands (lost of germs get shared between kids at school especially among the younger ones)
  • Practice using a tissue (seems silly, but trust me during cold/flu season they will need those skills otherwise their shirt sleeves become their own personal tissue)
  • Pratice tyding up
  • Practice sharing toys and school supplies but also also go over what NOT to share: hats, treats, food…..
  • Practice writing their names with the younger ones and assign some back to school sheets to the older ones
  • Practice the school run and if they are taking the bus, contact the bus company and ask for a tour of a bus, they may say no but it’s worth a try
  • Look through the school’s website with your child and start building that excitement
  • Set up playdates, so try to find children that will be attending the same school/class as your own children and get together…. Children need to practice their social skills
  • And finally, try to enjoy the last days of summer with your children….. do fun things as crazy times are just around the corner. 😊