Another school year is coming to an end!!!


Untitled design (5)Wow….. It’s hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end. The helicopter Mama in me, is so excited. Yes, you read that right!!!  I admit, I am a helicopter Mama…. I feel better when my children are in my care because, I feel that I can “protect” them like no one can, lol. Sometimes, I wonder if this is normal but for me, it’s hard to let go, trust others and, believe that my children will be in good care. I also wonder sometimes, if I am just too scared to watch them grow up so fast, become more independent and therefore not needing me as much anymore. I am still one of the most important people in their life but my fear is that soon their friends will become the “centre” of their universe ☹   

This school year has been an adjustment year for my boys… New school, new friends, new rules…. But they survived and yes, I survived!!! The support I received and both my boys received in their new school has been unbelievable, something I did not have in our previous school.  We are truly thankful and feel so blessed to be part of this new school community. However, the truth is that despite all this, I am looking forward to the upcoming Summer Break. I am looking forward to the summer weather, to summer playdates, to family time at the cottage, to no lunch bag packing, to no morning rush and just being able to relax. What are your summer plans? Are you excited that this school year is almost over? Maybe you are not looking forward to summer break, tell me why?

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